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Our Work

Children in Deen is a registered UK based Charity which is dedicated to improving the lives of deprived children in third world countries and help break the cycle of poverty. We also provide emergency aid to disaster hit areas around the world. The word ‘Deen’ is Arabic for faith. We have one goal in mind, and that is to.. simply deliver your pledge. The rewards and fruits of our labour and what has been achieved to date, do not rest with us, it is Allah, the all wise, all knowing, who will recompense you and us.



We have a huge responsibility upon us and we understand the need for transparency and accountability and the trust you have put in us. The work carried out by Khadimabad Welfare Trust in Pakistan can be scrutinized and individuals are always welcome to see what change their donations have made to the lives of poor.


We are passionate about what we do. If there is one thing we stand by, it is sincerity and our genuine care to facilitate the essential services we provide. It is important for you to have comfort in knowing where your money is going. The travel costs and expenditure for the essential Journeys we make to Pakistan are not paid by the charity, it is a personal expense to us, which we are pleased to make as our contribution, indeed, we are not exempt from Zakaat.


One successful source of income generation for Children in Deen and Khadimabad Welfare Trust is the donation boxes that are placed at business and residential premises. JazakAllah, to everyone, for giving us the opportunity to generate this vital source of income.