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Shortage of electricity in Gaza

Asalaam Alaykum.

Alhamdulillah. As you know there is a shortage of electricity in Gaza. Diesel fuel for an emergency generater is being supplied to help support a medical centre in North Gaza. This medical centre plays a major role in helping the people of Gaza. The medical center includes Reception and Emergency Section, Orthopedic Clinic ,X-ray & Panorama Section, Laboratory, Dental Section, ENT Section, Women & Birth Section, Children Section , Public Medicine and Pharmacy.

Pls continue to donate. Jzk.

A believers shade on the day of qiyamah will be his charity.  

200 baby packs distributed at the Unrwa school in Northern Gaza

Asalaam Alaykum.


So far 200 baby packs have been distributed at the Unrwa school in northern Gaza where families who have lost there homes are staying. Baby milk/nappies & wipes for 200 babies. Please continue to donate money for this. Mash Allah your donations are being sent forth and our team on the ground is continuing the work fisabilillah.

We take these things for granted. They don't!

Container left from Birmingham to Syria

SubhaanAllah another container from Birmigham loaded with food, water, toiletries and medical equipment.  Destination Syria.

Syria Container 9 on its way to the people of Bilaad Ul Shaam

Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alaameen.

Subhan Allah.

Umm Syria Container 9 on its way to the people of Bilaad Ul Shaam. 100% food. Mash Allah. Rice/baby food/pasta/flour/water/flavoured drinks/baby milk/biscuits/snacks and more..... Allah swt reward you all for your donations. Ameen. Allah swt reward my 7 brothers who came today and helped load the container. Soldiers


Over the last 3 weeks 4 containers have been sent forth full of food.

Allah swt accept our humble efforts. Ameen

Eid message from #syria. 30/7/14