Coventry Outreach

Children in Deen Homeless Outreach Coventry is a project that started 18 months ago. Every Thursday we provide meals for the homeless in Coventry City Centre.

Our Aim

The aim of this project is to provide assistance to the most vulnerable in our community, irrespective of race or religion. The type of assistance will be based on individual case studies and typically may include financial aid, moral support and/or life skill training. Our intention is to seek the pleasure of Allah Azzawajjal by acting upon the numerous teachings of the Qur’aan and sayings of His Messenger (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) that exhort the feeding of the poor and welfare of the destitute.

Our Method

Alhumdulilah, every Thursday volunteers provide a meal for those in need. What we do is pretty simple; we provide Chicken Biryani (which they love!), a drink (can or carton) and cup of tea or coffee. Once we provide the food our volunteers take their time to interact with our guests listening to their experiences and understanding how we can help. It’s a simple as that. To help us with this you can do two things.

1.Donate- the meal costs us approximately £200.00 every week. You can donate via

2.and most importantly, make dua – that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts.. Finally, we thank Allah for giving us the honour of undertaking the work of the Prophet (SAW)


•Average weekly cost of meals based on 2 day feed = £2 per head x 100 meals = £200 Weekly.

•Average monthly cost of meals based on 2 days feed = £2 per head x 400 meals= £800 Monthly.

•Average yearly cost of meals based on 2 day feed = £2 per head x 4800 meals = £9600 per Annum.