Gaza Water Project

al-falah logoFunded by Children in Deen -UK Alfalah Benevolent Society Providing Healthy Clean Drinking Water for Needy Families in GAZA.


Quotation-Marks 66Funded by children in Deen -UK, Alfalah Benevolent Society Started the distribution of Healthy Clean Drinking Water for Needy Families in GAZA as Clean drinking water projects  are so important for thousands of people that contribute to the health and economic development in many areas of the Gaza Strip, especially the poor and needy  who are suffering from a severe shortage of services and can’t find drinking water .

Dr.Ramadan Taboura the chairman of Alfalah mentioned that the project aims to provide healthy clean filtered water for needy families that are suffering from water pollution, which caused to many diseases , especially the kidney failure. The project will provide healthy clean water for needy families in the Gaza Strip four times per a month for period of 6 months in water tank capacity of 250 liters  per family. The targeted families were selected depending on a field research criteria such as the number of family members and the head of the family to be unemployed.

Also, he added that the project comes within the services carried out by Alfalah to improve the health status of disadvantaged people and an attempt to ease the bad economic conditions experienced by the Gaza Strip under the suffocating siege , the project will provide a decent life for the beneficiaries .

Dr. Taboura expressed his sincere appreciation and thanks to children in Deen -UK for their generous support of the project, calling international organization to cooperate to serve the needy Palestinian families in Gaza strip. Also, the target families expressed  their deep thanks to children in Deen -UK calling for long term sustainable projects that reduce their ongoing suffering .